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I think everyone said what I wanted to say, particularly UniversalHeat but I have one suggestion for improvement for your next work: I think you should try different angles and/or more shots and maybe some zooms as well. For example, during the conversation about the World's End, you should do a shot that is slightly above them (2:25-ish according toe vid). I have a feeling that you were just under a budget and time schedule though but if you do get the chance, please do try to different angles. It'll make a scene visually much more interesting.

Hope it helps!

Perrobang responds:

Thanks! It certainly does help alot. I was actually thinking about that. But sadly, I didn't have time to bring it out into full fruition cause of the deadline. I will definitely try harder next time.

I LOVE Rhythm Heaven. I LOVE Katamari Damacy. You captured the whole thing quite nicely and it's a pretty unusual combo, so good on you!

Though I do have some qualms: I'm no professional animator but I feel like you used too many in-between frames on certain sections, for example the little Prince rolling up the bad guys (the Samura game) or when KoAC was doing the interview and he catches the flowers when you could've used smears instead. I think I like more sudden movements better in situations like this.

Regardless, you've done an excellent job.

10/10, 100/100 Best Vid. Best Vid.

Bonehead93 responds:

Thanks a bunch! I love both games too, so I know where you're coming from.
Interesting criticism; I don't think I've ever been told to draw less frames before. I can see how that would apply to this style, considering how Rhythm Heaven had little to no in betweens. I'll keep that in mind; 'Preciate it!

Man, it really is a shame that you didn't finish it. Great animations, good lip-sync. I guess it's up to you really but if you really wanted to revisit it, I think you should also work on some more in betweens or use smears more often. This is some great content man.

Just someone who loves games, anime and draws. There was no Aura for Hobbyist so Blank Slate it is for me.

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